Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Me and Riza...

RizAren 2007

Because she's not brushing her teeth. Yes (I brush). I said "Don't take of me". Now let me take of you and show everyone. Never (I don't like this photo).

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

For a kid who is 4 today

Darling Aren, Birthday balloons,
birthday cake and song,
presents, too...
Lots of birthday wishes
for a special 4 year old kid...
That is you! Aren!
Have a Terrific

Lots of fun with Riza and your dad, mom, grandpa and nana.
Love from Grandmee and U JOcelyn

10th August 2007

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Monday, July 23, 2007

In June, July...

My birthday is coming (in July, July). August my birthday is coming. August 10 my birthday is coming from. I will cut the cake and blow the candles, and I will give pieces of cake for everyone to each. And then, do you know what surprise I'll get? I want a crane-toy for my birthday.

Nothing else... I'll call Riza. And I'll call.... hmmmmmmmm, I can't say properly. I'll call Abby, then Riza, then Heidi, then Saachi I'll call, then I'll call Simmi and Simron (they're twins), and then nobody else...

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Money box

FIrst I made a hole and then I put the money in, and then it was ready, and I showed Grandpa. He didn't say anything, he kept quiet, when he was sitting on the red bench.

Then I went to Nana's room and I showed her, and she saw, and then she also saw it.

Afters I took it out and made it into a moneybox. Not again, not again....

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm eating

Chitos. Mmmm. Yes, I like Cheetos. Because butter is in it. Because they made it out of butter... see. Butter h ere. It's junk food. Good for health. It's good for health I'm telling you. It's good for health. Because really. Yes, I know how to spell Cheetos. B-i-l-e... Why you're keeping my Cheetos packet for a long time inside there (in the scanner)? All the crumbs will come inside there. Yes.

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Friday, June 15, 2007


I am there. When I was a baby.

I was to look small.

I was to wear nappy.

My face look small.

I used to go to dada.

I was to sleep when I was a baby.

Dada took a photo.

He kept them on the computer.

Now we are putting it on the blog.

Everybody wants to see it.

Nothing else.

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I don't know...

In the picture, there is grandpa there, there is me there ... and the avocados. And the tiles. And the coconut tree branch. And the table. And the avocado tree.

Then all the other flower tree is there. Gauva tree. Mango tree. Chikoo tree. What other fruits we have, dada? We have ... eh... badam tree. And then we have the avocado tree.

It's too heavy; avocados fall down in the mud.

Grandpa's slippers always come out. He take them out to wash his feet in the dirty mud water. In the rain water. I also do that. He takes a dip. One dip.

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I coloured the crab a black colour ...

Next one, I coloured the sea-horse red colour, and I coloured the sea-horse different colours. Riza helped me and showed, then I drawed the fish.

Blue. And so then I put some of the colours, and then I put no other colours.

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I was putting the same colour what I did...

And so then, I coloured the bag also red. This is my new water bottle. Here.

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