Sunday, November 07, 2010

Check this out! Cool Indian head massage... for a five-year-old (and some laughs too)

Chaos... at a sixth birthday

Strumming on the guitar...

I am a lobster!

Kids TV: The rocket science of learning cycling

Software for kids... tutorial from Aren

Aren, at 6, learning to read

Tux Math... with Aren (5) and Riza (9)

Aren is five...

Tux Math... from a five-year-old (sometimes impatient) teacher

Aren and Maths ... and a gazillion distractions

The secrets of drawing....

My first drawing was not so good. My second drawing was little better. My third drawing, I improved.

Now I like drawing because I'm used it, and it comes out really nice.

My favourite things to draw are volcanoes, outer space, faces (cartoon faces I mean), cars and buses. Of all the drawings I like to draw cartoon faces the best. I like drawing cartoon faces because they are funny.

First I didn't know that shading the drawing would make it look better. Now, sometimes, I shade it. My grandfather told me that if I shade it, the drawing would look better.

My favourite colours are sunset orange and red, and yellow, black and brown. Purple too. I like using pencil colours, because they come light and it looks a little better. It takes a long time to colour a big drawing, but when the drawing is small it's easier.

When a drawing is coloured, it looks much better.