Sunday, November 29, 2009

A plane

This is a military air-force plane. It goes really fast. I like my drawing.

I did it nicely, by looking at my book Transportation. In my collection, I have 6 toy planes.

I like planes because they can fly. They can fly because they have powerful motor (engine) and they have wings.

This is a leaf

This is a leaf. L-e-a-f. It is a tracing.

You take a leaf, and you put it underneath the paper. And then just s-h-a-d-e it.

And, it's ready!

And, I like it!

And it's really g-o-o-d.

I learnt how to do this from my class. Miss Abeenia taught me how to do it.

Roman numbers

Eaoooya. Roman numbers are too difficult. But I like them.

There are Arabic numbers and there are Roman numbers. India has given the world zero number. India is famous because it gave the number zero. And zero plus zero is how-much?

In the Roman number system, I is one, II is two, and III is three.

IV is four, because it is one less than V (five). V is five. VI is six (one more than five). VII is seven. VIII is eight. IX (one less than ten) is nine. X is ten.

Now we'll go further: XI is eleven. XX is twenty. XXX is thirty. XL is forty. L is fifty. LX is sixty. LXX is seventy. XC is ninty. And C is hundred.

Now we'll carry on to two hundred, and three hundred, four hundred and five hundred: two hundred is CC, three hundred is CCC, four hundred is CD, and five hundred is D.

Six hundred is DC. Seven hundred is DCC. Eight hundred is DCCC. Nine hundred is MC. One thousand is M. One thousand one hundred (eleven hundred) is MC. Fourteen hundred is MCD. Fifteen hundred is MD.

Sixteen hundred is MDC. Sixteen hundred six hundred sixty-six is MDCLXVI. And eighteen hundred eight hundred and eighty-eight is MDCCCLXXXVIII.

I like these numbers. Because they are n-i-c-e!

About a scenery

There are many birds (here) and there are also many mountaints. (The sun) is setting, and this all is the reflection of the sun in the water. There is a coconut tree, and a boat.

I saw such a picture in the school, painted by someone from the second standard.

In Goa, there are a lot of coconut trees and hills, I like the coconut trees because they give us water and shade. I know an uncle who is writing a book about coconut craft and it will be released in 2009 (I don't know which month).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Showing (off) my cars

"What I collect" by you.

"What I collect" by you.

"What I collect" by you.

These are my photos when I went to the Museum of Christian Art. I went because I wanted to show my cars. They called me. I had a nice time.

Some other children were showing their Ben10 things and their cars. Coin-collections and key-chains. It was a Young Collectors' Day.

About a helicopter and a motorcycle

It is about a two different drawings, about a motorcycle and a helicopter. I was sitting down, and I drew it today evening (Nov 26, 2009 or 26.11.2009) and I am very happy about my helicopter.

This evening, I saw a parashute gliding (paragliding) in the sky. And then it was really amazing. I wanted to see it again, but I didn't see it. I called my grandpa, to tell him that it was there, but he didn't see it. He only heard it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

About my 69 cars

I have many cars
They come out of my ears
And none of them are Riza's

I have no fears
And no any tears
For when I lose any
I just find 'em

Written with help from Dada, Riza, Mama.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Match-box? Like Hot Wheels?

Aren went for a longish, Std I interview for admission to school. There, he was asked about the price of a matchbox (to do a simple math sum).

"Matchbox? Is that like Hot Wheels?" he asked!

PS: He's also very much caught up with the Pterodactyl these days.

Blue-whales, volcanoes...

... and other things that keep me busy these days. Drawing by Aren, May 2009.

Aren, by Riza 2008... or 2009

Look here, boy!

Oh, that's how a film is made!

With Riza (right). Circa 2007-8.