Monday, July 23, 2007

In June, July...

My birthday is coming (in July, July). August my birthday is coming. August 10 my birthday is coming from. I will cut the cake and blow the candles, and I will give pieces of cake for everyone to each. And then, do you know what surprise I'll get? I want a crane-toy for my birthday.

Nothing else... I'll call Riza. And I'll call.... hmmmmmmmm, I can't say properly. I'll call Abby, then Riza, then Heidi, then Saachi I'll call, then I'll call Simmi and Simron (they're twins), and then nobody else...

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Money box

FIrst I made a hole and then I put the money in, and then it was ready, and I showed Grandpa. He didn't say anything, he kept quiet, when he was sitting on the red bench.

Then I went to Nana's room and I showed her, and she saw, and then she also saw it.

Afters I took it out and made it into a moneybox. Not again, not again....

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm eating

Chitos. Mmmm. Yes, I like Cheetos. Because butter is in it. Because they made it out of butter... see. Butter h ere. It's junk food. Good for health. It's good for health I'm telling you. It's good for health. Because really. Yes, I know how to spell Cheetos. B-i-l-e... Why you're keeping my Cheetos packet for a long time inside there (in the scanner)? All the crumbs will come inside there. Yes.

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