Sunday, November 29, 2009

Roman numbers

Eaoooya. Roman numbers are too difficult. But I like them.

There are Arabic numbers and there are Roman numbers. India has given the world zero number. India is famous because it gave the number zero. And zero plus zero is how-much?

In the Roman number system, I is one, II is two, and III is three.

IV is four, because it is one less than V (five). V is five. VI is six (one more than five). VII is seven. VIII is eight. IX (one less than ten) is nine. X is ten.

Now we'll go further: XI is eleven. XX is twenty. XXX is thirty. XL is forty. L is fifty. LX is sixty. LXX is seventy. XC is ninty. And C is hundred.

Now we'll carry on to two hundred, and three hundred, four hundred and five hundred: two hundred is CC, three hundred is CCC, four hundred is CD, and five hundred is D.

Six hundred is DC. Seven hundred is DCC. Eight hundred is DCCC. Nine hundred is MC. One thousand is M. One thousand one hundred (eleven hundred) is MC. Fourteen hundred is MCD. Fifteen hundred is MD.

Sixteen hundred is MDC. Sixteen hundred six hundred sixty-six is MDCLXVI. And eighteen hundred eight hundred and eighty-eight is MDCCCLXXXVIII.

I like these numbers. Because they are n-i-c-e!

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