Sunday, November 07, 2010

The secrets of drawing....

My first drawing was not so good. My second drawing was little better. My third drawing, I improved.

Now I like drawing because I'm used it, and it comes out really nice.

My favourite things to draw are volcanoes, outer space, faces (cartoon faces I mean), cars and buses. Of all the drawings I like to draw cartoon faces the best. I like drawing cartoon faces because they are funny.

First I didn't know that shading the drawing would make it look better. Now, sometimes, I shade it. My grandfather told me that if I shade it, the drawing would look better.

My favourite colours are sunset orange and red, and yellow, black and brown. Purple too. I like using pencil colours, because they come light and it looks a little better. It takes a long time to colour a big drawing, but when the drawing is small it's easier.

When a drawing is coloured, it looks much better.

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riza said...

then y dont u color ur own drawings..............????