Sunday, December 09, 2012

What I liked at St Xavier's...

Hello folks! I'm nine now. It has been a long time since I was here last. 

By the way, I like Science a lot, and I want to become an inventor. Today, my father took me to St Xavier's College to see a Science exhibition there. I spent most of my time in the rooms of the Physics and Chemistry exhibition, though there were also other subjects like Electronics, English, Hindi and Journalism.

In Chemistry, I saw them put a solid that looked like ice, on a piece of tin foil. Then they added something that looked like water on the transparent solid on the foil. Then, it started to bubble. Then foam came out.

When the foam cleared, the foil dissolved!!!

The second experiment was about putting some powder in a glass of water, and the water turning purple. Then, a college girl blew carbon dioxide with a straw into the water, and the water got its colour back.

The Physics exhibition was the best. (I don't like to compare, but still...)


Photo copyleft by Frederick FN Noronha. Creative Commons 3.0, non-commercial, attribution.


In In  Physics, the one I liked best was a small robot that works on solar energy. It has a solar panel, and it worked better in sunlight. But because we were indoors, they had to use a lamp-bulb to demonstrate.


The second experiment which I saw closely was on a machine that shows the frequency of the brain. Well, not exactly. We don't have to connect it to the brain. The person demonstrating just increases the frequency by turning a knob. But when connected to a patient's brain, it will also give the reading. The person demonstrating told us how high and how fast the brain waves were moving. These reflected emotions -- i.e. anger, happiness, etc. 

The third experiment I saw was a burglar alarm. A student made a model of a cardboard door. On each side, there was a sensor. The sensor detected when you put your hand through. It made a noise and gave an alarm.

Thank you folks for reading this blog entry of mine.

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